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Sicily - October 2015

This is actually the last part of my trip through Italy that you can find in full HERE

  • 11OCT2015: Palermo-Corleone, 64km/1078m+/575m-
  • 12OCT2015: Corleone-Sciacca, 78km/950m+/1510m-
  • 13OCT2015: Sciacca-Agrigento-Licata, 107km/1001m+/1039m-
  • 14OCT2015: Licata-Gela-Acate-Chiaramonte Gulfi, 89km/975m+/384m-
  • 15OCT2015: Chiaramonte Gulfi-Giarratana-Palazzolo Acreide-Siracusa, 88km/787m+/1407m-

11OCT2015: Palermo - Corleone

After a couple of rainy and windy days in the between Cagliari and Palermo, now it’s the time to cycle the fourth part of the journey: Sicily.

Instead to cycle towards Trapani, as I did three years ago, this time I preferred to point straightforward South in direction of Corleone, Sciacca, Agrigento.
Here with my friend Giuseppe in front
of Politeama Theatre in Palermo
12OCT2015: Corleone - Sciacca

Definitely a very positive day today: the bad weather seems to be finally and definitely over, less climbing, a very welcome and majestic long descent compared to yesterday, absolutely more beautiful landscapes and yes … yes yes yes … finally back to “my” so much beloved Mediterranean sea again !!!
Tonight, just a little before to get out for dinner, I’ve been walking totally relaxed for the venues of the port of Sciacca … excellent mood for me tonight !!
So, I’ve been talking with several fishermen on the port wharves, at this time of the evening incredibly dotted with a number of apparently idle fishing-boats, yes literally idle since fishing in these days is indeed going to be suspended for a few days … a “biological suspension” they explain to me !!
And then, just to close the day … a robust, yet very simple, fish&whitewine based fantastic dinner.

Sambuca di Sicilia
13OCT2015: Sciacca - Agrigento - Licata

A long, very long “SS115 cycling day” … with minor detours like the one in Realmonte to allow a quick visit to a part of the coastline that I didn’t see during my previous trip in Sicily, in other words “la Scala dei Turchi”. A quick glance also to Agrigento and its Valle dei Templi.
Worth to mention some tunnels that I didn’t remember, fortunately not very long, often however not illuminated, always extremely dirty, not maintained at all and, so far, totally unsafe !!
Then, as usual, litter, litter everywhere, a lot of litter spread all over around; litter spread well beyond any possible rational imagination. 
A shame, a great shame !!!!

"Realmonte: Scala dei Turchi"

"Agrigento: Valle dei Templi"

Licata: il porto

14OCT2015: Licata - Gela - Acate - Chiaramonte Gulfi

Totally disgusted, rather than simply disappointed, for a coastline and its immediate sorroundings perhaps beautiful but at the same time "rubbish alike" I decided at a certain point to abandon the planned route and get into the interior passing through a dense cultivated area, far enough from the main road (SS115), quite relaxing and without any traffic at all.
That's how today I discovered by a pure chance the little nice village of Acate, then eventually ending my today trip in Chiaramonte Gulfi, a little town on the top of the hill from which I could see the whole flat below spacing from the sea to the vulcan Etna.
I must say that here it's much better, nothing to do with what I've been seeing yesterday: it's a pity, Sicily deserves much more!!!

.... mannagggggia .... non ho parole !!!
Chiaramonte Gulfi
15OCT2015: Chiaramonte Gulfi - Giarratana - Palazzolo Acreide - Siracusa (Ortigia)

Just feeling that today I wouldn’t be “exposed” any more to further climbing … and rather guessing, so far, that I would only expect a nice descent to the sea !! Unfortunately nothing like that !!
The cycling started with an initial 200 m climbing under a thin rain that at a certain point did transform into an enchanting and at the same time mysterious haze.
I must say that the all area, we are now in the province of Ragusa, is a somehow delightful underpopulated place, plenty of olive trees spread all over the surrounding hills and characterized  by an infinity of typical field delimiting dry-stone walls.
After Palazzolo Acreide the road started its slow and very welcome descent to the sea.
Under a persistent yet not very strong rain I finally ended-up my trip in Siracusa where immediately, of course, I pointed to its historical little magic island of Ortigia.

Palazzolo Acreide
Siracusa: l'isola di Ortigia
Milano, aeroporto di Linate, il viaggio è finito  !!

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